Ramp Up Your Etsy Shop – Advanced Workshop

Jan 21st, 2013, Ramp Up Your Etsy Shop – Advanced Workshop for Etsy Shop Owners

Monday, 1-4PM Location: Petrolia ON
With well over 800,000 shops and 20 million members, Etsy is the largest e-commerce site focused solely on handmade arts and crafts, vintage items and supplies. Have you tried Etsy with little success? You realize it has great potential but you don’t know how to unlock it? How do you get found in that mass of stuff?

At this workshop you will:

  • acquire the knowledge to gain better exposure and success.
  • gain confidence in the daily running of your online shop.
  • learn about some of the more advanced Etsy functions.
  • get a personalized shop critique.

This could be the most important $40 / 3 hour investment you make this year as an artist / handcrafter. Ev will do shop critiques for everyone ahead of time. As well as giving you some personalized attention and the opportunity to ask lots of questions, the workshop will also cover:

  1. listing and getting found: good titles, descriptions, tagging, search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. photography: the importance of doing it well and easy to use tips
  3. shipping: the ins and outs of PayPal and Canada Post

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