Evelyn’s Studio

Evelyn’s Studio. Since 1999 I have used this logo on my sew-in labels on all my artwork and products.

logoI love this logo, with a labyrinth hidden in it. In later years it was my frameshop sign as well. It was designed by a dear friend, Scott Martyn, who died some years ago from cancer.

Image 2I finally ran out of labels last week. When I phoned the company Laven Labels to reorder they couldn’t find my file, because it was so long ago and before the days of ordering online.

So it has prompted me to rethink my logo and name. If someone were to attempt to find me online using “Evelyn’s Studio”, they wouldn’t.  Evelyn Ward de Roo is a bit of a mouthful when it gets transcribed to a 1″ x 1″ label. I go by WaveSong on Etsy. WaveSongArt on Instagram. So I’m playing around with something in that vein.

Image 3

But I’m so reluctant to give up my pretty logo. It’s funny how necessity can prompt change.

November 4th UPDATE:
My new label design…..


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  1. Hi Ev; I’m just working on my own logo for “Leafology” and it really makes us go deep. What and who do we want to be perceived as? … NOW… When I first went on Etsy I was “At Loose Ends” and that was truly what I was and who I was. Now, I’m turning over a new leaf with lots of new experiences ahead and a whole bunch of letters after my name. It’s time to change for me. Maybe this losing of the file means it’s a fork in the road for you too.

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