Thrift Shopping – St Mary’s, Ontario

What a pleasant surprise to happen upon some great thrift shopping in the little town of St. Mary’s, Ontario.

Pass It On, 31 Water Street, is a thrift shop run by Carey Pope. Her flair for the unexpected is evident by the merchandise, her branding, signage and unique displays.


Awesome windows and tastefully hand-lettered signage.IMG_4366She could teach window display (which apparently you now need a degree in).

I thought it was so clever to display scarves this way.IMG_4367
The change room cubicles were constructed of old doors, painted white.IMG_4370IMG_4372
Ms Pope does not take a wage from the store so that she can help make a difference in the lives of people in her local and global community. Here are a list of just a few of the charities she supports:


Nice to see they are closed on Sundays.

I enjoyed the shopping experience and bought a few children’s books for my grandson.

And what could be better the it is directly beside the Salvation Army Thrift Store. So two birds…


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