Tree Change Dolls

A viral video on Facebook brought to my attention this cool woman, Sonia Singh.  She picks up dollies at thrift shops; dolls that look like glamour stars, sometimes even with glitter makeup. Her goal is to humanize these play things and give them a new lease on life. Sonia is an artist, illustrator and scientist and science communicator based in Hobart, Tasmania.

I just happened upon a dolly at my local St. Vincent de Paul store this week.

My first, and only, attempt at a Tree Change Doll. It was REALLY hard to paint the new face!

Tree Change

Image 3Here is the doll after I removed the manufacturer’s painted face.


Her mother knits little outfits for them.

Another example from her website:603718_898461186883542_6572446298575669115_n

1 thought on “Tree Change Dolls

  1. Rosann

    Love this, Evelyn! I’m going to keep my eye out for one (or more) ‘glamour dolls’ during my next thrift store jaunt, and yard/garage sales that will be starting up come spring.


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