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My original artwork.

365 Day Ephemeral Art Project 2016

I’m challenging myself in 2016 to produce an ephemeral art piece each day.

So what is ephemeral art? It’s a piece of art made on a walk with no tools and only what I find and then leave behind for others to find (or not).

This came as a result of gazing around Instagram and coming upon the work of Leonie Barton who had done this in 2015. I was totally inspired.

I have loved land art, or temporary art installations, since encountering Andy Goldsworthy‘s work years ago. Goldsworthy

My kids and I have done “Goldsworthys” on beaches in numerous places. I have left behind many pieces of art over the years. But never one a day.Hecla - 30 IMG_4179 Hecla - 06 IMG_4167

So here goes….


snow chunks on pavement


Rotting apples on grass


Markings in snow on pond ice


Acorn caps with Water Main cover on cement

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God’s Nest of Creation

I’ve been weaving a series of coiled basket creations mounted on driftwood, which I call “Bird Nests”. IMG_7419.jpg

Recently someone purchased this one and sent me this beautiful story.


Nests evoke all kinds of emotions and bring forth thoughts of birthing, creating, preparing, anticipating and incubating. This Christmas I am gifting one of your nests to a very good friend who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer.

When I first saw your creation I thought of all within her that is being nourished and cared for and lovingly healed, in anticipating of the creation of health and a life filled with grandchildren, friends and family. The nest holds so many possibilities. It is the vessel for life used by feathered beings who fly free, seemingly effortlessly. It is safety, a sanctuary, a haven for life.

The nest is a place of living into hope. At Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of hope, peace, joy and love in the form of Jesus, we are reminded that God breaks into our world in tiny, fragile ways. Indeed we are the inhabitants of God’s nest of creation.IMG_3878.jpg

Thank you Susan, for sharing.

Grapevine Weaving

It all started with this.IMG_7013

A huge grapevine choking a large tree on my property.


I dragged it all down and this huge pile became art material!



Find two trees far enough apart, but not too far. The weft comes first.


Up to ladder height.




Warp and weft.


Yes, that is an old wooden chair in there, thus giving the wall its name “Sitting on the Fence”.






Of course, this holey stone, given to me by a friend, found its way into the wall.


In some light the whole installation looks like a big jumble. But the whole exercise wasn’t about the finished product so much as the hours of weaving which I ended up doing. The process!


6 hours later.


Morning light.

My intention is to photograph it during the seasons.