One-on-One Soundwork

Evelyn Ward de Roo offers private and group sound journeys.

Private Sessions

Soundwork As Soulwork can:

  • Open up a dialogue with our inner selves that reaches beyond words.
  • Help one to feel deeply relaxed, reduce anxiety and muscle tension.
  • Allow expression of a range of feelings, issues and memories that may lay hidden within.
  • Increase imaginative responses to real life challenges.
  • Engage our inquisitive or inventive nature, like a child.
  • Cultivate spiritual depth.
  • Provide a ritual container to grieve, release our shadow, or express the sacred.
  • Help us become less self conscious and self-critical and encourage creative freedom.
  • Access and deepen our own inner artistry and self-expression.
  • Improve our listening and communication skills.
  • Connect us to inner wisdom and compassion.
  • Help manage psychological or spiritual challenges during an illness.
  • Help manage and transform emotional stress during challenging life transitions. bereavement and palliative care support.

Evelyn uses a variety of vocal sounds and instruments to create a live improvisational soundscape. She employs a wide variety of user-friendly musical instruments from around the world in her sessions and workshops. These include the shruti box, buffalo drum, djembe, didgeridoo, kalimba, Oscar© steel drum, crystal bowls, ocean drum, spring drum, Tibetan bowls, tingshaw, rain sticks, gongs, wooden frogs, rattles, chimes.

Private sound journey sessions are recommended for a client who would like to drop down into an inner journey while being supported by live soundscapes generating a quiet and supportive atmosphere, one filled with peace, calm and comfort.

What to expect during a private soundwork session?

Consider a session as deep meditation, like a “sound” massage or a visioning experience, a sonic tonic that helps you connect deeply and soulfully with your inner, healing resources and which allows you to explore your personal life journey through the presence and beauty of sound. Often you will enter a deep state of awareness during which you may be able to discern key patterns and clues to impact decision-making.

  • After a brief ‘check in’ you lay on a treatment table, close your eyes and be surrounded by a blanket of instrumental and vocal sound.
  • You are invited to listen deeply and intentionally.
  • Something special happens when a soundwork practitioner interacts with a client, something that doesn’t happen when simply listening to recorded music.  Firstly, the vibrations are present and fuller and secondly, a practitioner can be responsive to the changing moods of the listener, can adapt to an individual’s needs in the moment and, most importantly, can create an atmosphere of loving kindness.
  • The music happens around and over you with the sole intent of having you experience a personal and significant response.
  • Sessions may take an on active energy if the client decides to move towards vocalizing their unlived passions or drumming up their unrealized power.
  • After the session you are invited to debrief either verbally or by journalling.

DSC_0030_3Common Effects:

  • A relaxed state of peace, calm and comfort,
  • Decreased anxiety and grief. 
  • Clients report relief of stress, release of tension, awakened creativity and deep insight. Testimonials
  • The latest research indicates that sound vibration helps to synchronize the right and left brain hemispheres producing relaxation responses such as lower heart rate, deep breathing and lower blood pressure.
  • Clients report that they feel ‘fully present’ for the first time in their lives.

Soundwork originated in the ancient healing modalities of tribal cultures. Music and sound have enabled people of all backgrounds to raise awareness and increase wellness throughout recorded history. In its modern context, a sound practitioner engages people in receptive and interactive forms of sound making with the intent of fostering wellness. Soundwork, when it is tethered to meaning and depth, includes soulwork.

Sometimes sound is the only thing that can open the door and Evelyn knows how to connect sound with spirit and intention to create powerful medicine. B.W.