Hear your voice, hear yourself. Sonica Vocé (pronounced vo-chay) is an exploration into accessing your own soul sound and experiencing your authentic voice.

Who is it for?

These one-on-one sessions with Evelyn are for those who long to sing, who have been told to keep quiet or who are curious about their own blockages.  Sonica Vocé is for personal healing, growth and positive change – whether for yourself or for others who may hear you. These are not singing lessons. Even if you never share your unique sound after this experience, it still could be life-changing.

Please email Evelyn. There is no charge for personal sessions.

Explore new ways to:

  • Access your ‘naked voice’ through embodiment
  • Give voice to your authentic self
  • Open a dialogue with your soul
  • Vocalize your truth through a direct experience of your unique sound
  • Be heard
  • Shift into harmony and ease through sound
  • Find a new language of consciousness
  • Have fun

What you will need:

  • Courage
  • Open-heartedness
  • Self love
  • A thirst for authenticity
  • A desire to get in touch with your true self

“If you put our voices on a sonogram, every voice sonic would have its own original pattern. What does that say about the human species? Each one of us has our own original imprint to make. Each one of us has something to give voice to, especially our life dream and our vision; to bring that calling, that service, that original medicine to earth. That is why many of the indigenous languages don’t have a means for comparison. They do not compare because it would be a waste of time to compare if you actually know that you are original medicine. We have our own imprint, our own voice sonic. We have our own colouration of our eye, our own way of looking at things and seeing things. And it’s a time, …. it is important and imperative that we bring our voice into the world.” -Angeles Arrien

What you will take away:

  • An expansion of your ability to be resilient, strong, heathy and happy
  • Your experience of being heard
  • An atunement to your own authentic song
  • A new way to meditate and relax

the four-fold way: Angeles Arrien

“Sing not the song others have sung. Sing what you yourself have realised, In your own heart” (Ravi Shankar)