Wednesday Sept 6, 2023 Sonica Sanctus: Soundscapes for Well-being

10:00AM- 4:00PM
Gimli, Manitoba

Instructor: Ev Ward de Roo

This sound healing circle is based on mindful listening, soulful sounding, ritual drumming, improvisational playing and musical meditation. It is an opportunity for profound inner journeying into a relaxed state with a live musical soundscape blanketing you in vibrations providing balance and healing for your heart, mind and spirit. The Sonica process is an intentional, nurturing container of sound if you wish to explore, get unstuck, reconnect with your true essence, or simply be blessed. It offers a safe, sacred space for promoting sound mind and body as well as mediating community building and creative play.

Sonica Sanctus is an experience of sound and, on the deepest level, vibrational nurturing. You will be invited into group humming/sounding/chanting. This helps us to get out of the ‘monkey mind’ and into a present embodied experience, a form of meditation. Under Ev’s artistic direction, we improvise and create intentional ‘soundscapes’ for each other. Everyone is encouraged to participate on some level; striking a bell, playing a drum, shaking a shaker, humming, offering their energy. The instruments are easy to use, some rhythmic and some ambient.

In no way does anyone have to feel musical in order to participate. Join together as we spontaneously explore our voices and instruments from that quiet place where deep listening unfolds into beautiful improvisational soundscapes.

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  • your lunch (fridge & microwave available). Herbal teas and coffee will be provided
  • your walking shoes to saunter along my forest path or walk to the lake (10 min, 700 metres)
  • a journal
  • cozy, comfortable clothes
  • an open heart

Ev is a multidisciplinary artist working with textiles, thread, fibre, natural objects, and with sound as a contemplative musician. She likes to hold space for deep connections with others, the sacred, the self, and the earth, through music and art. Music has always touched the very core of her being. Singing has been her connection to Divine Presence throughout her life, a way of joining matter and spirit. She is passionate about empowerment via vocal exploration, music and sound vibration. When people hear her sing they tell her that they feel connected to their inner healer and feel nurtured and empowered. Because she is passionate about gathering, reclaiming and resurrecting, her art is a vibrational mix of natural and recycled fibre. She’s particularly drawn to creating vessels, ephemeral art and hand stitching. For years she studied with the Canadian Embroiderers Guild advancing her techniques in stitchery, basketry, art dolls, surface design, papermaking and handmade books. In the winter she lives in Stratford, ON and strolls the shores of Lake Winnipeg in Gimli the summer. 

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