Saturday September 16, 2023 Spiralling Round: Hand Coiled Baskets

1PM- 4:00PM
Gimli, Manitoba

Instructor: Ev Ward de Roo

It’s been around for millennia, the basket. The spiral is integral to the coiled basket. Cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien in her book about the five universal shapes says “The spiral symbolizes the process of growth and evolution. It is a process of coming to the same point again and again, but as a different level, so that everything is seen in a new light.” The spiral is integral to the coiled basket.

This class is about learning how to hand coil a fibre basket. You will learn how to start, shape and finish a basic small basket, how to use a variety of materials, and what can be used for the core. Studies have explored the relationship between creativity and well-being: the benefits of the mesmeric immersion in crafts creating states of contentment and focus. Once learned this simple coiling technique will lead to marvellous weaving opportunities.

$30 Preregistration with etransfer


  • your lunch (fridge & microwave available). Herbal teas and coffee will be provided
  • your walking shoes to saunter along my forest path or walk to the lake (10 min, 700 metres)
  • an open heart

Ev is a multidisciplinary artist working with textiles, thread, fibre, natural objects, and with sound as a contemplative musician. She likes to hold space for deep connections with others, the sacred, the self, and the earth, through music and art. Music has always touched the very core of her being. Singing has been her connection to Divine Presence throughout her life, a way of joining matter and spirit. She is passionate about empowerment via vocal exploration, music and sound vibration. When people hear her sing they tell her that they feel connected to their inner healer and feel nurtured and empowered. Because she is passionate about gathering, reclaiming and resurrecting, her art is a vibrational mix of natural and recycled fibre. She’s particularly drawn to creating vessels, ephemeral art and hand stitching. For years she studied with the Canadian Embroiderers Guild advancing her techniques in stitchery, basketry, art dolls, surface design, papermaking and handmade books. In the winter she lives in Stratford, ON and strolls the shores of Lake Winnipeg in Gimli the summer. 

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