Meet Ev

Evelyn Ward de Roo, BHum

I am a multidisciplinary artist, working with sound as a contemplative musician and music facilitator and visually with textiles, mixed media, thread, stone.

Living authentically and creatively, connecting with people by offering safe places for them to explore their own spirituality is what gives me joy. I help people discover their authentic voices and cultivate their own sacred creativity and innate truth so that they can live wholeheartedly. I facilitate circles, workshops and retreats to support those seeking personal understanding, insight, creative sparking and a connection to Source. I lead fibre art and creativity workshops.

I am a “big-sky” prairie girl originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I blog about my art process, spirituality, creativity, contemplative music, expressive arts and my other passion, thrift shopping.

Stuff I’ve done: facilitated drum circles, worked at an inner city mission, been a merchandizing display artist, sold sweaters for a Bolivian women’s knitting co-op, worked for Ten Thousand Villages, volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, built stone labyrinths, sung, acted and built props for both amateur and professional theatre, played tennis and pickleball, worked as an interior redesigner/ organizer, and been a church musician. For nearly thirty years I helped my husband build his software firm which grew out of our own picture framing studio.

About my Soundwork

Singing has been my connection to the Divine throughout my life, a way of joining matter and spirit.  As a child I recall how I felt music, how it touched the very core of my being. I am passionate about empowerment via vocal exploration, music and sound vibration. When people hear me sing they get connected to their inner healer. The music I create makes them feel nurtured and empowered. Listen to my story here.

About my Art

With my creations I want to invoke wonder and celebrate ritual, journey and beauty. My hope is that by creating beauty my art will transport the viewer into gratitude and appreciation of life as sacred. My knitted chair pads and mixed media fibre art upcycled from found objects are available for purchase at WaveSong on Etsy. Tour my studio here.