A Musical Approach to Well-Being

Evelyn Ward de Roo is a contemplative musician and soundwork practitioner in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Evelyn uses a variety of vocal sounds and instruments to create live improvisational soundscapes. As well as a soulful voice, she employs a wide variety of user-friendly world musical instruments. These include shruti box, buffalo drum, djembe, kalimba, Oscar© steel drum, crystal bowls, ocean drum, spring drum, Tibetan bowls, tingshaw, rain sticks, gong, rattles, & chimes.

Listen to Ev here.


Private sound journey sessions are recommended for clients who would like to drop down into an inner journey while being supported by live soundscapes.


Facilitation of group sonic journeys, drumming and soundscapes is available to groups for specific events, such as yoga relaxation, ceremonies for retreats, workshops, wellness seminars or other community building opportunities.

Ev fashioned a “Soundwork as Soulwork” philosophy into her practice as a result of studying with Gary Diggins, Ann-Marie Boudreau and David Darling – Music for People. She has been influenced by the teachings of Gerald J. JudChloe Goodchild, Kay Gardner, Laurel E. Keyes, Karina Schelde,  and Laurel Murphy.

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