Sonica Sanctus

Sonica Sanctus is a sound healing circle facilitated by Evelyn Ward de Roo. Sonica engages participants in sounding for personal well-being. Join together as we spontaneously explore our voices and instruments from that quiet place where deep listening unfolds into beautiful improvisational soundscapes.

Sonica Sanctus is an experience of sound and, on the deepest level, vibrational nurturing.

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You will be invited into a group humming/sounding/chanting. This helps us to get out of the ‘monkey mind’ and into a present embodied experience, a form of meditation.

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The majority of the session is spent creating intentional sound as a group. Under Evelyn’s artistic direction, we improvise and create ‘soundscapes’ for each other. Everyone participates on some level; striking a bell, playing a drum, shaking a shaker, humming, offering their energy. The instruments are easy to use, some rhythmic and some ambient. I teach some basic musical skills each time. But in no way does anyone have to feel musical in order to participate.

The Sonica process is an intentional, nurturing container of sound if you wish to explore, get unstuck, reconnect with your true essence, or simply be blessed. It offers a safe, sacred space for promoting sound mind and body as well as mediating community building and creative play.

Together we support each other in discovering the most basic principle; there is no sound more alive and healing than the human voice. Sonica Sanctus is based on mindful listening, soulful sounding, ritual drumming, improvisational playing and musical journeying.

A poem written by a participant following a Sonica experience:IMG_9325.jpg

Soul soothing
Giving and receiving
a gift of sound
Vibration from the ground beneath

Giving and receiving
Rocked in the cradle to a mother’s song
Vibration from the ground beneath
Held in the arms of God

Rocked in the cradle to a mother’s song
A gift of sound
Held in the arms of God
Soul soothing.

J. P. , March, 2014
Here are some other testimonials:

“The gathering of women, [Sonica Sanctus] was phenomenal, heart-wrenching in the best way, heart rendering in the most tender way and heart opening in the most opulent!”
– Karen Keresturi, Yoga Instructor, Sarnia, ON, October 2012

“Music can and does move us from one place to another; but only in the hands of someone who knows how to shape it’s gentle power. Through her many instruments, including her own voice, Evelyn created a experience that helped me move in and out of my consciousness; touching that place in our minds where creativity lies.” K.R.

Sonica Sanctus was first conceived in Toronto, Canada in the 1990’s by Gary Diggins and Anny Fyreagle.

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