Machine-stitched Rag Basket Class – August 2015

A very enthusiastic group gathered on August 29th at Runs With Scissors Studio in Winnipeg Beach to learn how to make rag rope baskets. The first project is to learn the method by sewing a coaster. Then comes the basket and learning how to 'throw a pot' on your sewing machine. With lots of hard work... Continue Reading →

Machine-stitched Rag Basket Class – March 2015

What fun today teaching machine-stitched rag basketry. Held at the new quilt shop in Wyoming, ON, Stitchaire. Starting off with learning the technique making a small coaster. Then learning how to turn the bowl, or throw a pot on a sewing machine. Sewn pottery.   Thank you Laurie Johnson, owner of Stitcharie, for stepping in to... Continue Reading →

Artist’s Quandry

Having to dig out my cash box from under a layer of renovation dust in preparation for tomorrow's MORE THAN JUST a BOOK SALE at Brescia College sort of gave me pause. I don't like promoting consumerism. But normally the upshot of being an artist is that you want will to show your work to others.... Continue Reading →

Art-Inspired Tote Baskets

I'm experimenting with creating vessels which are inspired by views of nature. These baskets are traditional rag baskets made with tiny strips of cloth sewn over a core. So this basket inspired by Emperor Penguins first appeared. I love the look of canola fields in bloom in Manitoba. Then I was inspired by famous works... Continue Reading →

Everyday Bag

I just pressed the "SEND" key on an submission email to a juried contemporary fibre art show which celebrates the tradition and history of textile arts. This show will be part of an exhibit at Dufferin County Museum and Archives called Stitches Across Time.  It calls Canadian fibre artists to produce work that is inspired by one of... Continue Reading →

Red Fabric Baskets

These are coiled fabric baskets or bowls which I have sewn using strips of recycled women's clothing over a jute rope core. Each can be used as a beautiful home decor piece for storing just about anything (other than liquids!). But I have particularly designed these baskets to be purchased as Menses Rite of Passage... Continue Reading →

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