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Machine-stitched Rag Basket Class – August 2015

A very enthusiastic group gathered on August 29th at Runs With Scissors Studio in Winnipeg Beach to learn how to make rag rope baskets.


The first project is to learn the method by sewing a coaster.


not bad, for first attempts.

Then comes the basket and learning how to ‘throw a pot’ on your sewing machine.

IMG_6925 IMG_6932 IMG_6935 IMG_6934

With lots of hard work and laughs everyone actually finished their vessel realizing that rope baskets are not quite as easy as you think they are.


Machine-stitched Rag Basket Class – March 2015

What fun today teaching machine-stitched rag basketry. Held at the new quilt shop in Wyoming, ON, Stitchaire.IMG_3394

Starting off with learning the technique making a small coaster.

IMG_3398 IMG_3393

Then learning how to turn the bowl, or throw a pot on a sewing machine. Sewn pottery.

IMG_3399IMG_3401 IMG_3396



Thank you Laurie Johnson, owner of Stitcharie, for stepping in to help repair sewing machines and providing cookies!

Image 1 Image 4

Artist’s Quandry

Image 9Having to dig out my cash box from under a layer of renovation dust in preparation for tomorrow’s MORE THAN JUST a BOOK SALE at Brescia College sort of gave me pause. I don’t like promoting consumerism. But normally the upshot of being an artist is that you want will to show your work to others. And sometimes those people will want to own your work for themselves. (In the olden days they were called patrons.)

Mostly I sequester my art to my little corner of the internet called Wavesong. I create what makes me happy, take photos, post and sometimes it appeals to someone who happens to find it in the huge Googly world.

Quietly I throw things up to see who catches them. A little ring holder was mailed to South Korea, a framed fibre art piece to USA, a basket to Australia, a tote to Boston, a chair pad to Newfoundland a set of fibre art pictures was purchased by a CBS set decorator.

In preparation for the first craft/artisan market I have done in a decade I have been unabashedly flogging Facebook with my wares.

As a sorry Canadian, I apologize for blowing my own horn, for telling the world about myself, for wanting you to see what I do in the recesses of my studio. I can’t help but create.


Award Winning, “Over-The-Shoulder-Boulder-Holder”


wrapped stone


“The Mending Way”

I do admit that I for the most part like creating useful things. Perhaps it is my Protestant work ethic showing its pretty little face or my mother’s voice saying ‘it’s lovely honey, but what’s it for?”

Image 12

Chakra Vessel Set or Montessori Sorting BowlsImage 5

Like any artist I could just keep it until my house overflows or give it all away but I desire to be fairly compensated for my work. The fact is that most of us do consume and like to be surrounded by pretty things, hopefully ones that have some meaning. I know that people will buy things anyways. I would rather that they spend their money supporting local artists rather than multi-national companies who barely pay a living wage.*

I often wonder if the greats, like Monet, Michelangelo, Tom Thomson (not that I am anywhere close to being in that classification!) struggled with creating versus promoting. Did they have to pull out their cash boxes?

*If you want to buy fairly traded goods try online shopping at Ten Thousand Villages.

Art-Inspired Tote Baskets

I’m experimenting with creating vessels which are inspired by views of nature. These baskets are traditional rag baskets made with tiny strips of cloth sewn over a core.Image 30

So this basket inspired by Emperor Penguins first appeared.penguin basket













IMG_2268I love the look of canola fields in bloom in Manitoba.IMG_3494

Image 18

Just big enough for Moses

Just big enough for Moses


Image 24

Then I was inspired by famous works of art. Starry Night by Vincent Van Gough.


IMG_1596And The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 7.30.49 PM


in progress on the sewing machine

Image 5 IMG_8021 IMG_3493

IMG_8026And finally Claude Monet’s San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk.


IMG_1938 IMG_1936 IMG_1931

These turned out so well, and SOLD, that I’ll make more next winter.



But Will It Hold Water – Threadworks Update

Threadworks Kenora

My piece, But Will it Hold Water, in Threadworks 2013 has made its way to the Lake of The Woods Museum in Kenora, Ontario.

It received a nice shout out in the local paper and was the favourite of the museum community coordinator, Lynn Riddell.

Threadworks will be displayed in Kenora until April 27 and then move on to Thunder Bay.