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Sydney Harbour Soundscape

Sitting in front of The Museum of Contemporary Art of Australia this captures a typical sunny day in Sydney Harbour. Just add a kalimba!

I had just viewed an incredible exhibit called “String Theory” in the museum, a melding of basket weaving, dolls, and sculpture all involving string, thread or fibre. It particularly made my heart sing.

IMG_0604 IMG_0617 IMG_0632

I hope that my soulful musical meditation lifts you to a good place.

FYI, the necklace I am wearing in this video was made by The Enchanted Shaman.


Sounding in Sedona

My recent trip to the mystical red rocks of Sedona, Arizona gave me the courage to experiment with recording my intuitive music for the first time.  The Airport Mesa Vortex was where I filmed this. In my backpack I carried my little G minor pentatonic kalimba and I just set my camera down on the rock beside me and hoped for the best. I had never tried this before, so I was pleased that the sound pickup was fairly good on my little Canon, until joined by a helicopter. This one particular trail, Overlook Point, about 4,600ft is reserved for meditation. Hikers are asked to be cognizant of that and keep quiet. I had a good 15 minutes by myself before I was joined by others. People come from all over the world to experience the subtle energy of these red rock vortexes, swirling centres of energy emanating from the surface of the earth. This energy resonates with and strengthens the inner being and is a very uplifting experience. To me this is one of the thin places. A place where Spirit touches soul. I hope that my soulful musical meditation conveys just a little of that. The ‘words’ I sing are a type of vocalise, invented words, or vocables in the spirit of Jonathan Elias’ The Prayer Cycle, or Karl Jenkins Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary.