Refuelling My Soul

Once per summer I like to get myself to Hecla Island. At the very northern tip of the island is a cliff. It seems to be a power spot for me. A 5m cliff face exposes a portion of the Precambrian Shield which shows the 400 million-year sequence of events that formed this eastern edge of... Continue Reading →

Prime Meridian Trail

Today I saw a snake. A lowly garter snake along a bike trail and I was so glad to see it because we were in the garter snake capital of the world. Yes, Narcisse, Manitoba can boast that. At the Narcisse Snake Pits, 6 km north of Narcisse, thousands of red-sided garter snakes emerge from... Continue Reading →

Lucky Stones

I have this addiction, some might say obsession, with collecting stones. These specimens are stones with naturally occurring holes found on the beaches of Lake Winnipeg around Gimli, Manitoba, Canada. Some call them crinoids but they are more likely to be gastropods. These 'lucky stones', which we locals lovingly call them, are imprints and "negatives" of... Continue Reading →

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