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January Soundscape

I took my Oscar steel drum outside in -14C to see what it would do to the sound. First time I’ve played with mitts on.

This is filmed with my new GoPro camera. It’s sure better than trying hold a camera and a set of drumsticks at the same time.

The pixie dust is from the snow blowing off the trees. You may notice some traffic noise in the distance. This offers an involuntary drone backdrop.


Earth Hour Lament

Earth Hour March 2012. During the candlelit hour I recorded this little improvisational lament to our Blue Planet home. I hope that my soulful musical meditation conveys a little of my prayer for healing of our world. The ‘words’ I sing are a type of vocalise, invented words, or vocables in the spirit of Jonathan Elias’ The Prayer Cycle, or Karl Jenkins Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary.

The instrument is an OscarĀ© a steel tongue-drum, HAPI drum, created by Tribal Thunder from the original design of Oscar De Los Santos of Ontario, Canada. This particular version is a 6 note Ake Bono tuning.