Heather Lair – Celestial Body

Heather Lair (1956 - 2013), Gimli, MB, Canada, was an amazing artist. Her passion, amongst other things, was textiles. I will miss her beautiful smile, piercing eyes, lilting voice, nimble fingers, generosity of spirit and positive attitude. Our brief friendship was treasured. We feel privileged to have one of her quilts gracing our abode. Every... Continue Reading →

Translating Fabric & Thread into Story: The Quilts of Linda Bar-On

Ailsa Craig is a tiny little town in South Western Ontario, Canada. It was there that I was immersed in quilts from Israel! My daughter and I went to see the annualĀ Ailsa Craig Community Quilt Festival. Each year a group of committed volunteers mount an amazing display of quilts from other lands. My absolute favourite... Continue Reading →

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