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Art-Inspired Tote Baskets

I’m experimenting with creating vessels which are inspired by views of nature. These baskets are traditional rag baskets made with tiny strips of cloth sewn over a core.Image 30

So this basket inspired by Emperor Penguins first appeared.penguin basket













IMG_2268I love the look of canola fields in bloom in Manitoba.IMG_3494

Image 18

Just big enough for Moses

Just big enough for Moses


Image 24

Then I was inspired by famous works of art. Starry Night by Vincent Van Gough.


IMG_1596And The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 7.30.49 PM


in progress on the sewing machine

Image 5 IMG_8021 IMG_3493

IMG_8026And finally Claude Monet’s San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk.


IMG_1938 IMG_1936 IMG_1931

These turned out so well, and SOLD, that I’ll make more next winter.




I love old dressers. I have one in my dining room for storing my table linen and placemat collection (a collection I actually use). drawersOne in the basement for storing painting and drywall tools. One in the garage for gardening stuff. One in my studio for hand made paper. One in the family room for stuff; a drawer for electronic cords, a drawer for camera paraphernalia, a drawer for gift wrap. You can never have enough drawer space. With the plethora of organizing products and shelving systems for closets these days, the good ‘ole dresser has taken a back seat. And, horror of horrors, been replaced by the ugly plastic drawer sets on wheels. Now these might be handy, for sure. But they are made off shore out of non-renewable products. Bureaus are easy to find at second-hand stores and garage sales. Even beat up ones only need a coat of paint and a new life of usefulness springs forth. Who said dressers were for clothes!