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Falling Waters Soundscape

Nelson Falls in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park in the Tasmanian wilderness is a gorgeous wall of water tumbling some 30m in an upside down wine glass shape. It was overflowing due to three days of rain. I was pleased that the falls overpowered my vocals. This is just a brief little sonic glimpse into the rainforest on this Australian island.

For a fuller look check this soundscape.

Nelson Falls Soundscape

Nelson Falls in Western Tasmania is in an old growth rainforest.

The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service website says, “These delightful falls are reached after a very easy walk. Break the long drive and stretch your legs; you won’t be disappointed.”

This is exactly what happened for me. We had spent a couple of days driving through drizzle and fog on hairpin turn roads. It was nice to get out of the rental car and hike.

After some significant rainfall the falls are engorged and the stream is bubbling with life.


Seven different types of ferns are present. This one is HUGE.

IMG_9073 Nelson Falls NelsonFalls