Women’s Sonica Vocé Workshop, April 8, 2017


Hear your voice, hear yourself. Sonica Vocé (pronounced vo-chay) is an exploration into experiencing your authentic voice within a small group.

In a supportive container of a small community of women you will be encouraged to experiment with accessing your own soul sound. We will build a community around sound and vibration. Each participant will have an opportunity to share her story and be supported in her sounding.

Investment: one day

April 8, 2017, 10AM – 5PM

Suggested donation: $80

Location: 4023 Petrolia Line, Petrolia, N0N 1R0

Who is it for?

This journey is for women who long to sing, who have been told to keep quiet or who are curious about their own blockages.  Sonica Vocé is for personal healing, growth and positive change – whether for yourself or for others who may hear you. These are not singing lessons. Even if you never share your unique sound after this experience, it still could be life-changing.

Explore new ways to:

  • Access your ‘naked voice’ through embodiment
  • Give voice to your authentic self
  • Open a dialogue with your soul
  • Vocalize your truth through a direct experience of your unique sound
  • Be heard
  • Create community through music
  • Shift into harmony and ease through sound
  • Find a new language of consciousness
  • Have fun

What you will need:

  • Courage
  • Open-heartedness
  • Self love
  • A thirst for authenticity
  • A desire to get in touch with your true self

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