Ancestral Cheerleaders

So what do you do with all those old photographs? Our old Edwardian house had a large entranceway. So instead of being tucked away in old albums the walls of our foyer got decked out in the black and white photos of our lineage. Everyday I looked at one or more of these pictures as... Continue Reading →

Why Gimli?

The reason my maternal grandparents built their cottage in 1938 in South Beach, Gimli, Manitoba was because my grandmother Winifred's older brother Percy Harris built there first. So why did her brother build a cottage in Gimli sometime before 1912? Lake Winnipeg, the world's eleventh largest freshwater lake, was a short trip away from the... Continue Reading →

My Dad, The Joy of Christmas

My Dad represented the joy of Christmas for me. And even though he’s dead now, he still does. From him I learned the immense joy of the Feast of Christmas. When he left home in 1942 and ‘immigrated’ to Winnipeg he carried on the Ward tradition and prepared his own little feast, within the Feast,... Continue Reading →

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