Ancestral Cheerleaders

So what do you do with all those old photographs?

Our old Edwardian house had a large entranceway. So instead of being tucked away in old albums the walls of our foyer got decked out in the black and white photos of our lineage. Everyday I looked at one or more of these pictures as I walked by and was reminded of the rich ancestry that made me the person I am today. Sure all these people were dead but each of them was somehow alive in me. Though many I had never met, I was and am the continuation of each of them. They are my spiritual legacy, my inspiration, my backers and supporters. Their struggle got me here.

Our old house lended itself to a gallery such as this. The humorous term some use is Rogue’s Gallery, which hearkens back to when the police would create a gallery of photos of criminals.

Because we were professional picture framers it was easy to develop this gallery. But it is quite attainable if you find frames at thrift shops. It is fun to hunt for antique frames of varying shapes and textures. Though each frame was unique the one unifying thing was that they were all black and white photos.

As I noticed them each day I would say to myself things like, “she’s the one who taught me how knit…my son looks like him…they left their comfort zone and moved to a foreign land…. she overcame so much.” It felt like a having my own personal booster club.

Today, identify one member of your family tree and do something to honour her or his spirit.

Here is a prayer you might use from Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing by Daniel Foor.

Prayer for Family Healing
May all my ancestors be happy and at peace.
May my living family be happy and at peace.
May I be happy and at peace.
May all future generations of my family receive only blessings and love from our ancestors.
May my ancestors guide me on my path of destiny and purpose, and may I embody their love and wisdom for the benefit of all my relations.
May all my ancestors and all my family be happy and at peace.


What did this post stir up in you?

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