Today was a Good Friday

Today is a good Friday. Today is Good Friday. I didn't wake up this morning knowing that I was going to deconstruct my little backyard labyrinth on this sunny day. It came about during a leisurely conversation with my husband after attending the morning Good Friday service at our church and eating lunch on our back... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

Very recently my friend followed her dream. She embraced a new relationship, lightened her life by selling most of her possessions, drove to the other side of the country and is beginning anew. Life teeter totters between fullness and paralysis, praise and self doubt. For anyone this can be a daunting thing. This song is accompanied by a... Continue Reading →

Sonic Breakfast

What is your sonic caffeine? What sound do you wake up to?* alarm clock? coffee pot gurgling? birdsong? high frequency Bach? harp music? motivating lyrics and tempo for exercise routine? You can design a sonic breakfast for yourself. How do you wake up in the morning? What allows you to feel alive, creative and stimulated to... Continue Reading →

Invocation for Change

This is an intuitive song invoking change. My heart is heavy for the world's largest Christian religion. Even though I am not a Roman Catholic myself, I sense a deep yearning for change from so many whose voices are seemingly never heard. I sing invented words or 'vocables' accompanied by a 22 inch 'Remo' brand... Continue Reading →

We are One Woman

This year, International Women's Day focuses on ending violence against women — a gross human rights violation that affects up to 7 in 10 women and a top priority for UN Women. As commemorations are underway in all corners of the globe, "One Woman" reminds us that together, we can overcome violence and discrimination: "We... Continue Reading →

How Fragile We Are*

Depression can sometimes feel like you're fighting for your life, perfectly captured by Oren Lavie's lyrics. Sun been down for days A pretty flower in a vase A slipper by the fireplace A cello lying in it's case Soon she's down the stairs Her morning elegance she wears The sound of water makes her dream... Continue Reading →

Hymnody and Theology

I still have enough skill on the piano to at least play hymns. Unless they are in 5 sharps or flats. Forget that. To pass the time in a personal care home I spent an hour playing a lovely Clavinova for my mother. The playing of hymns I hoped would spark some recognition in her memory. Page after... Continue Reading →

On Singing

"Vowels carry the emotion. Consonants carry the thought." Louise Pitre, Judge on Over the Rainbow CBC Competition, Fall 2012

Good Vibrations

  Today I received this wonderful reading from DailyOM. It perfectly explains my new work. Sound Healing Everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration, including our bodies. Sound is vibration that can be translated by the delicate structures of our inner ear, but it moves more than just those tiny receptors.... Continue Reading →

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