Taking the Bull by the Horns, Literally

I worked as a professional organizer for a time. The strangest job I ever did for a client takes some explanation. My client was an excellent photographer, travelling all over the world taking beautiful pictures. Both her parents had been safari hunters in Africa over 50 years ago. She inherited her parent's house. In it... Continue Reading →

Tales of A Phoenix: The Letting Go Project

A very small piece of my embroidery is included in this amazing project by Yana Schnitzler. "Tales of a Phoenix: The Letting Go Project" is a performative work that harnesses the power of ritual to bring women together from across the world in a unified release of old patterns that no longer serve our personal... Continue Reading →


Some people chose a word for the year as a practise at New Year's. My friend asked everyone to chose a verb. I baulked at the idea this year because I'm prone to worry that I won't get it right. But this is the type of spiritual practise which can ignite rather than restrict. I... Continue Reading →

Tango in the Kitchen

by Mary Ann Pocock (1957-2006) just as there is pain with loss so we find it in the search for the very celebrations that come by chance from our grieving 'til one is inextricably linked to the other and we cannot tell where the dying begins and the living ends so the very things which... Continue Reading →

Turning 65

Sometimes I just sit on a park bench to read instead of reading in my living room. I watch squirrels, listen to birds and the breeze in the leaves, listen to people walking and talking, see dogs of all shapes and sizes. It’s solitude within the context of community. The geese have moved up the... Continue Reading →

Running with Scissors to Bolivia

Today I was rereading and putting away the Christmas cards that I received this season. My mind immediately turns to childhood, scissors and paper cutting which I loved to do. Growing up in a Christian ‘mission-minded’ household we were encouraged to never waste anything. This included harvesting the prettiest pictures from our old Christmas cards... Continue Reading →

Gimli Yacht Club 50th Anniversary

I wrote this in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Gimli Yacht Club, July 1, 2017 (tune: This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land) This Club is your boat, this Club is my boat From speedy cruisers to anything that will float From the harbour mouth To this great lake’s waters. This... Continue Reading →

On Ceremonies, Cloth Bags and Grief

One of the most powerful moments of my mother's committal service was seeing my brother and sister-in-law placing her ashes into the ground. They knelt down on the grass beside the small hole. Gently her arm went all the way to the bottom of the soil floor, over a metre down, like a final caress. Families who are not... Continue Reading →

Coiled Basket Workshop Summer 2015 Here is the link to all summer classes at Runs With Scissors Studio in Winnipeg Beach, MB.

Art Making as Self Love

"As artists it takes courage to create when the world around us keeps saying that there are better things we could be doing with our time. There is often little recognition or money in being an artist, and yet I invite you to consider art-making and creativity an exuberant act of self-love. To say, “I... Continue Reading →

Evelyn’s Studio

Evelyn's Studio. Since 1999 I have used this logo on my sew-in labels on all my artwork and products. I love this logo, with a labyrinth hidden in it. In later years it was my frameshop sign as well. It was designed by a dear friend, Scott Martyn, who died some years ago from cancer. I... Continue Reading →

A Path to Connection

At the heart of every longing is a quest for deeper connection. How can I help you make those connections?  This is my work and the work of Heather Plett.  Gathering in circle, allows us to connect again with each other, ourselves, the sacred, and the earth. Heather has included my submission about connecting to our earth in her new ebook, A Path... Continue Reading →

Heather Lair Retrospective

The beautiful art quilts of Heather Lair are on display at the New Iceland Heritage Museum in Gimli, Manitoba, Canada until Sept 1st. This is a must see show.  I felt like I was in the midst of greatness being surrounded by Heather's work. Here are some of my favourites. Being able to view all this work... Continue Reading →

Saskatoon Berries

We went berry picking with my grandson. It was the perfect morning. Cool and breezy enough to keep the mosquitoes away. Overcast too. Saskatoon berries are sort of like blueberries, but a whole lot easier to pick, I think. They are a prairie delicacy and loaded with antioxidants (things that are good for you). Mike... Continue Reading →

Medaille House Labyrinth

In 1998 I spearheaded a labyrinth building project at Medaille House Retreat Centre in London, Ontario.  A 60' diametre labyrinth based on the classical 11 circuit Chartres Cathedral design. What prompted my memory of this event was finding this cardboard template tucked away in my storage room. Before tossing this in the recycling bin I wanted... Continue Reading →

Lee Jean Patches

You do stupid things when you're a teenager. Hopefully those stupid things aren't morally, legally or ethically wrong. Sometimes they are just silly! When I was a teenager there was a really weird fad. Stealing Lee jean patches! If you were fortunate enough to be able to afford them, the cool thing was wearing Levi... Continue Reading →

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