May 8, Healing Sound Journey – Goderich

Friday, May 8th, 2015,  7-9PM. 

Location: LightQuest Retreat Center, 35443 Union Rd., Goderich, ON N7A 3X8crystal bowls

Facilitator: Evelyn Ward de Roo

This is an opportunity for profound inner journeying into relaxation with a live musical soundscape blanketing you in vibrations providing balance and healing for your heart, mind and spirit. A deep listening experience.

This is a lying down experience, so wear comfortable clothing and please bring mats, blankets, pillows, water, all that you’ll need to be comfortable.

Having another human being singing gently to you using sensitive improvised music invites you to achieve a deep state of relaxation, one of wakeful dreaming. This unique way of singing or sounding, is without known words, is improvisational and has a large component of lullaby within its structure.

This experience of ‘sounding’ will help you address your current and core life concerns. There is a broad range of responses which happen for participants, such as:
visualizations and flow of colour
waking dreams
a sense of joy as emotional tensions ease
a huge sense of freedom and calm as mental activity ceases

In closing, you enter into a brief time of sharing with one other person, exploring what has just happened within you. This plays a key role in helping you to recognize your session experience as normal, relevant and useful for making practical life choices.

$35 per person. Men and women are welcome. Registration required with Dianne Beach or at 519 524-5543.

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