Today was a Good Friday

Today is a good Friday. Today is Good Friday. I didn't wake up this morning knowing that I was going to deconstruct my little backyard labyrinth on this sunny day. It came about during a leisurely conversation with my husband after attending the morning Good Friday service at our church and eating┬álunch on our back... Continue Reading →

The Blooming

Wintertime has passed. Our roots have grown into the solid ground. Now is the time for the shoots to emerge. First one, then another. Then little buds are birthed. Slowly each one unfolds in its own season revealing its unique beauty spreading its own scent. Springtime has brought new life and expectation. Our stem has... Continue Reading →

Hidden Seed

The seed of Christ has been dormant, hidden within you. But now it is breaking forth. Everyone will know that restoration is from the Just One, the Prince of peace, the One who removes the curse and becomes the blessing. Christ rises up in you and from you, and fills, and will fill the earth,... Continue Reading →

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