The Blooming

photo K. Lardner,

Wintertime has passed.

Our roots have grown

into the solid ground.

Now is the time

for the shoots to emerge.

First one, then another.

Then little buds are birthed.


each one unfolds

in its own season

revealing its unique beauty

spreading its own scent.

Springtime has brought

new life and expectation.

Our stem has transmitted life.

Now we wait,

we long for full blooms.

Amidst the thorns,

we ache for the radiance

of openness of Sonlight.

Summertime will bring,

fulfillment of the promise.

Anna Douthwright, Liturgical Dancer (1942-2003)

Anna was a dear friend who died just over ten years ago. Rummaging through some old desk papers I came upon an old photocopy of this poem she wrote.  Anna taught me how to live in my body. Her deep faith and interpretation of the Christian scriptures into movement was for me my first foray into dance as prayer. Thank you Anna for your influence and strength. I remember you with gratitude and joy.

Anna Douthright

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