My First Post

“ I want to remind myself and others that our homes can become sacred places, filled with life and meaning.  We do not need cathedrals to remind ourselves to experience the sacred.” -Gunilla Norris

We all have an invisible space around us. A field of energy which surrounds us and moves with us everywhere. Suppose your living space, the place you call home, was like a big extension of that. To paraphrase Scott Russell Sanders in Staying Put, a house is a garment, a home is skin.first post

What does your living space say about you? Does it say you are open to receiving? Creating an environment that supports your willingness to experience all the love and joy in your life can be a challenge. If your house is intended to please others, then it probably isn’t supporting your needs or the needs of your family, on all sorts of levels.

A “stuck” space is one that is chronically messy and dirty. Closets and drawers overloaded. Things on the floor. Too much of everything, clothes, items, furniture. Unused areas. Things in disrepair. Leaky taps. Outdated colours and decor. Worn out carpets. Unhealthy food in the cupboards and frig. Too many electric cords. Too much noise from television or video games. Uncomfortable furnishings. Soothing my pain with stuff. Everything exudes, “I can’t be bothered”.

Healthy and supportive spaces feel good, flow and exude peace. It’s clean and everything has its place. It’s pleasing to look at. It makes you feel excited about who you are becoming. It reflects gratitude.

“ These four walls provide a safe perch from which I can contemplate all sorts of possibilities…A house absorbs caretaking like a sponge, storing it up in the softness of the comfortable couches and the soothing tones of a muted wallpaper, then returning all that love to the original giver. All the hours spent arranging the furniture, choosing colors, even washing the floors, turn out not to have been in vain.  Everything we have given we have given to ourselves.  The home upon which we have lavished so much attention is the embodiment of our own self love.” – Linda Weltner in No Place Like Home

What did this post stir up in you?

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