This was my entry into the 2009 Ponemah Beach Central Art Centre’s contest, Artful Bra Challenge, a fundraiser for Northeast Palliative Care Program at the Gimli Community Health Centre. I won Best in Show for Over-the-Shoulder-Boulder-Holder make from an upcycled bra sewn with hundreds of lucky stones. Lucky stones are 44 million year old fossils with naturally occurring holes. The name of the piece comes from a famous song by Bette Midler which she sung in the heart-wrenching movie, Beaches, in which her friend dies.


Inside the bra is written…

This well-worn bra is a testament to many years of use. I covered it with lucky stones gleaned from the beaches of my beloved Prairie Ocean, Lake Winnipeg.
I have been lucky. Many of my friends and family haven’t been so lucky. Some have lived thru cancer, some have not. It is a weight which we all carry on our collective shoulders.

Evelyn Ward de Roo July 2009

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