Lament for Claire and Michael

A dear friend, Claire Verney, has been blogging about her journey caring for her husband diagnosed in 1994 with early onset Parkinson’s Disease. In Day to Day with Parkinson’s Disease her writing is a soulful sometimes heart wrenching reflection of her daily commitment to her marriage.

Read her blog here.

Their earthly walk is nearly over.

I have been struggling as to how I can possibly help her in these last days, being 2 thousand KM away. There is nothing I can physically do for them. But I have felt led to lament for them. In her post on August 11th she ends “His life hangs by a sigh.” I wept. Her words are so beautiful, so haunting.

I went down to my beach with my instrument. It happened to be a beautiful sunny day. The songs I sing are totally intuitive, improvisational on the spot.

By chance as I filmed this lament a man walked past the camera. I said to myself, “Darn, I’ll have to re-film this.” But he became a vision of a healthy Michael walking home. I took it as a divine sign that was meant to be.

The man walking inspired the name of the song, The Last Walk.

Addendum: Michael died this morning, August 13, 2013 at 10:50. It was a very peaceful departure at home with family beside him. He will be sorely missed.

What did this post stir up in you?

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