Caned Chair

Today’s project was repairing a caned chair.

IMG_9811I can’t even remember where I picked this chair up, probably at a yard sale. Don’t ever pick up old chairs at yard sales unless you are prepared to fix it yourself. The cost of someone else doing this would be, yikes!


This chair had good structural integrity so I thought it was worth the time.IMG_9815



It is a sturdy wooden chair. Worth a little elbow grease. Especially if you actually know how to do a cane insert, which I do.

IMG_9818 IMG_9819


layer and layer of upholstery stuff

IMG_9821 IMG_9822Now starts the hard part!


the old caning being removed


the ugly old mess

IMG_9826It’s imperative that you get the groove totally gauged out. All the residue has to go.

chair - 3

all ready to receive the insert

chair - 1

Sanded, stained, varnished top. 

chair - 2

laying in the sheet of rewoven caning

chair - 3

trimming the excess reed

gluing in the spline

gluing in the spline

butted spline seam

butted spline seam

chair - 7Ever since I started to cane chairs over twenty years ago, this book has been my bible.



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