Christmas Music

Image 15Over 30 years ago, when my husband served as an ordained clergyman and we were poor church mice he came home bearing this boxed set of 5 vinyl albums. Christmas Through The Years was the quintessential Reader’s Digest compendium of seasonal music. One of his parishioners gifted it to us. I guess they were downsizing and wanted to get rid of them.

We stil have a turntable and I love to spin these lovelies. Especially Record 2, Christmas in the ’50s.

Image 16I must be a sucker for Harry Belfonte, Perry Como, Bing Crosby and Guy Lombardo. Sure beats some of the distasteful music they come up with for Christmas now.

I still think about old Art Skinner, the man who gave us these albums so long ago in Ottawa. Good music is such a balm to the soul.


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