A wonderful way to wake up is to hum to yourself before even getting out of bed. Humming is a simple vibrational pattern with profound effects.

“Sound vibrations move and alter matter. The purpose of sound has primarily been known as a mode of communication, forewarning, or entertainment, but the true benefits of sound are also found in ancient methods of healing. The specific act of “toning” creates vocal sounds and vibrational patterns that influence health and well-being.”

As Laurel Elizabeth Keyes explained in her groundbreaking book TONING almost 40 years ago, these benefits are felt when people speak, sing, hum, and chant.

Keyes likened humming to reconnecting yourself to your source.

iron filingsDo you remember in elementary school when we were given some iron filings and a magnet, and when you placed the filings on a glass slide and put the magnet underneath it, all the filings would stand at attention in perfect pattern.

We are designed for that perfection as well. Humming to yourself in the morning helps to reset the inner patterning towards the perfection that the Creator fashioned.

A little hum first thing. Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose.

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