365 Day Ephemeral Art Project 2016

I’m challenging myself in 2016 to produce an ephemeral art piece each day.

So what is ephemeral art? It’s a piece of art made on a walk with no tools and only what I find and then leave behind for others to find (or not).

This came as a result of gazing around Instagram and coming upon the work of Leonie Barton who had done this in 2015. I was totally inspired.

I have loved land art, or temporary art installations, since encountering Andy Goldsworthy‘s work years ago. Goldsworthy

My kids and I have done “Goldsworthys” on beaches in numerous places. I have left behind many pieces of art over the years. But never one a day.Hecla - 30 IMG_4179 Hecla - 06 IMG_4167

So here goes….

snow chunks on pavement
Rotting apples on grass
Markings in snow on pond ice
Acorn caps with Water Main cover on cement

Please follow me on @ wavesongart to get the rest.


2 thoughts on “365 Day Ephemeral Art Project 2016

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  1. dear Evelyn – i wish you well on your journey. You may not know but Leonie was inspired by me and it the ‘recipe’ i devised in 2014 that she used and is spreading out around the world. Just giving you background and you may like to check out mine too. shonawilsonartist on Instagram. I have finished 1 yr of colour and last year i did a black and white series but not so rigorously oneaday. I am now working in the studio again but the ephemeral work changed my life! happy creating

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