1 year of stitches

img_3896I’m embarking one a new one-a-day year-long challenge, this time with a good friend. And this 365 day project doesn’t have to be done outside. (In 2016 I did an daily ephemeral artwork project outside, everyday!)

Each of us are fibre artists but we rarely work solely in embroidery. It’s the type of challenge which will keep us on our toes and accountable to each other as artists and makers. I love photography and do social media and she’s a total Ludite.

Each of us makes an impact, or mark, daily. Our daily activities have an effect, even if tiny, on those around us. So this project is like a personal map-making; the fabric represents 2017, the needle and thread represent my actions.

I am indebted to Hannah Claire Somerville for this idea.   “The embroidery I create will become a tangible, visual account of the decisions, movements, conversations and sometimes lack thereof, that I make each day. I hope to use this project as a means of generating a deeper reflection upon the choices we make as a society.”

Rules and Stipulations:

1. My fabric ground consists of a swatch of black poly-cotton in a  10’’ x 10’’ hoop. The thread I use may change daily and I may adhere additional types of media to my swatch with thread.

2. I will embroider something on my fabric ground each day and try to post a photograph of the result each day on @wavesongart.

3. It is not required that I make a stitch— some days you definitely do not contribute anything to society.

4. I am allowed to remove stitches, because mistakes can sometimes be undone.

5. I will exchange my hoop with my friend on a regular basis and stitch on her hoop, and she on mine, for a time period.

5. More rules and stipulations may be added as the project evolves and lessons are learned.

Day one hoop


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