Refuelling My Soul

Once per summer I like to get myself to Hecla Island. At the very northern tip of the island is a cliff. It seems to be a power spot for me. A 5m cliff face exposes a portion of the Precambrian Shield which shows the 400 million-year sequence of events that formed this eastern edge of... Continue Reading →

Being in Community

Today was a good day to hang out a wash. The table cloths washed from use at a 4-day personal growth retreat on which I served as the cook. Living in that community is an 'inspiriting' experience. Being in community fills a hole, a hole that has allowed breath to leak out. Breath is Spirit. Breath... Continue Reading →

Portable Labyrinth

This is a Santa Rosa Labyrinth.  It is a seven circuit modified Medieval labyrinth, modelled after the 12th Century one laid in the floor of Chartres Cathedral. This one was designed in 1997 by Lea Goode-Harris. Labyrinths are used today as a meditational tool; walking to calm the spirit and seek guidance. "The heart-space on the fourth... Continue Reading →

Today was a Good Friday

Today is a good Friday. Today is Good Friday. I didn't wake up this morning knowing that I was going to deconstruct my little backyard labyrinth on this sunny day. It came about during a leisurely conversation with my husband after attending the morning Good Friday service at our church and eating lunch on our back... Continue Reading →

The Blooming

Wintertime has passed. Our roots have grown into the solid ground. Now is the time for the shoots to emerge. First one, then another. Then little buds are birthed. Slowly each one unfolds in its own season revealing its unique beauty spreading its own scent. Springtime has brought new life and expectation. Our stem has... Continue Reading →

Sonic Breakfast

What is your sonic caffeine? What sound do you wake up to?* alarm clock? coffee pot gurgling? birdsong? high frequency Bach? harp music? motivating lyrics and tempo for exercise routine? You can design a sonic breakfast for yourself. How do you wake up in the morning? What allows you to feel alive, creative and stimulated to... Continue Reading →

Hidden Seed

The seed of Christ has been dormant, hidden within you. But now it is breaking forth. Everyone will know that restoration is from the Just One, the Prince of peace, the One who removes the curse and becomes the blessing. Christ rises up in you and from you, and fills, and will fill the earth,... Continue Reading →

Presence of God

“We cannot attain the presence of God because we are already in the presence of God. What is needed is awareness not attainment.” - Richard Rohr Trusting in God's Hidden Presence image available at Fe Langdon Designs on Etsy.

A Beautiful Prayer

O God of Uncreated Light, we come before you now to offer you ourselves. We can only do this through your grace. Grant us the grace of mindfulness. Help us to be calm, so that we may rest in your silence and peace. Grant us the grace of willingness. Transform our will into yours, with... Continue Reading →

Winter Feast for the Soul – Day 11

It is day eleven of the 40-day meditation practice to which I've committed, Winter Feast for the Soul. Tough stuff, this meditating. Today was about seeking the Divine Presence. Which implies that sometimes it is hidden. This was my mantra today. Calm, Still, Glad, Quiet. This comes from a plaque I have hanging in our home,... Continue Reading →

hard knocks and letting go

The power of labyrinth walking….

Fresh Cracked Pepper

Today’s workout: Rose Canyon hill repeats and speed work, 6:00 am. Sore, uninspired.

Last night Mark and I walked the Labyrinth behind Scripps Hospital’s Exercise Physiology center. I take private swimming lessons there — with this year’s 30-34 Ironman age group world champion, Christina Jackson. It had been a particularly tough day for me, and despite forgetting everything for those precious 40 minutes in the pool, it came reeling back to me the second I hit the showers.

“Let’s walk the labyrinth,” he said. I whined, silently, in protest, but conceded. When you’re upset, the last thing you want are motivational posters with kittens hanging onto branches or yoga instructors telling you to tap into your inner strength or a some medieval meditation maze telling you everything’s going to be OK. You just want to pity yourself for awhile. Or get mad and throw staplers at your office door.

But I walked…

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Winter Feast for the Soul – Day 2

It is day two of the 40-day meditation practice to which I've committed, Winter Feast for the Soul. Today's scripture was a quote from Psalm 46: 10, "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." The whole psalm talks about war and trouble. Psalm 46... Continue Reading →

Winter Feast for the Soul – An Invitation

Winter Feast is an interfaith initiative designed to foster meditation and contemplative practice. It's a 40-day Worldwide Spiritual Practice Period. I will be following the Christian meditations led by Carl McColman. Choices also include 4 minute guided meditations for children and 15 minute sessions for older children and teens. What this means is that each day, starting January 15, for forty days... Continue Reading →

Fire Ritual

What reminded me of the value of fire in the process of decluttering was reading a friend’s blog post about helping her friend clear out her office, The Art of Decluttering. She says "...We decided to create a ritual for letting some of these precious things go... Rather than tossing them in the trash, we made a... Continue Reading →

Ancestral Cheerleaders

So what do you do with all those old photographs? Our house visually supports our belief that family is important. Instead of being tucked away in an old photo album we use the large entranceway of our Edwardian house as a gallery of black and white photographs of our lineage. Everyday I look at one... Continue Reading →

My First Post

“ I want to remind myself and others that our homes can become sacred places, filled with life and meaning.  We do not need cathedrals to remind ourselves to experience the sacred.” -Gunilla Norris We all have an invisible space around us. A field of energy which surrounds us and moves with us everywhere. Suppose your... Continue Reading →

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