We have a tradition in my father's family of having special food at Christmastide. They hailed from Nottinghamshire, Britain. A bowl of hot boiled wheat porridge called frumenty was made only for Christmas time. This ancient pottage hails from the middle ages and my version bears some resemblance to the medieval frumente. My Dad always... Continue Reading →

Evans Store

Evans Store on Hansson Ave, at the corner of Anna, was a fixture to every kid in South Beach, Gimli. Forever. Evans Store Building in 2017. Put out to pasture behind 15 Hansson Avenue, Gimli. My first memory of spending money was at Evans Store. My grandpa Percy would give me a nickel or dime and... Continue Reading →

Turner 8

Turner 8 - 1471. That's the way we used to say it over 50 years ago. It's a telephone number. "Turner" was the exchange; a telephone number from Winnipeg. "Turner" was the exchange for the suburb of St. James. All my friends had 888 as the first part of their phone number. Everyone knew which part... Continue Reading →

Prairie Longing

I'm looking forward to nature's marvellous prairie display very soon. "There's nothing like the freedom over miles and miles of land. And it's something about the prairies that strangers just don't understand. And it's something to feel the pull of a strong southern wind. Smell the coming of a summer rain. You can almost... Continue Reading →

Christmas Past

One of my favourite pictures, circa 1963, is this one of me and my Mum in front of the Christmas tree. It's badly taken, that's for sure. Probably from my Grampa Percy's camera. When I went to touch it up in photoshop I noticed that my Grandmother Winifred appears reflected in the living room window... Continue Reading →

Bolivian Christmas Creche

Today I unwrapped my teeny creche scene and set it up. Little clay figurines I bought in Bolivia. Little alpaca shepherds wearing traditional knitted alpaca toques with earflaps and playing their zampogna (panpipes).  Mary wearing a traditional women's boler hat. And Baby Jesus smiling from ear to ear. In 1991 I was afforded an amazing... Continue Reading →

Bouddi National Park, NSW, Australia

You want a hike with spectacular ocean views? Visit Bouddi National Park in New South Wales, Australia. It is located in the Central Coast area, far enough away from the Pacific Highway not to be too touristy. We took the Bouddi Coastal Walk from Maitland Bay to Putty Beach, almost 5 KM. The uplifting laughter of the... Continue Reading →

Airlie Beach

As you may have figured from reading my posts, I am a shorewalker. I love the sound of the waves. (That's why I named my Etsy shop WaveSong). But most of all I love beachcombing. Most of the beaches I have been on while on my trip to Australia have been pure sand.  And not much... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Borody

My BFF from childhood, her mother died yesterday. The house where I grew up on a quiet suburb of Winnipeg was surrounded by Borodys. Literally. On the south side was by best friend Carol-Ann and her mum, dad, brothers and a dog, Binks. And on the north side of our house was her grandparents, Mr.... Continue Reading →

A New Name for Multi-tasking

I have no idea who wrote AAADD- KNOW THE SYMPTOMS….. Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder so I cannot give credit. It's all over the blogishere. And I laughed when my husband forwarded it to me. It's exactly what the type of thing I was going to post myself anyways! So this is my version: I decide to make... Continue Reading →

Prime Meridian Trail

Today I saw a snake. A lowly garter snake along a bike trail and I was so glad to see it because we were in the garter snake capital of the world. Yes, Narcisse, Manitoba can boast that. At the Narcisse Snake Pits, 6 km north of Narcisse, thousands of red-sided garter snakes emerge from... Continue Reading →

Looking at the World Upside-down?

Our son lives in Australia. When you look at a globe it's always kind of hidden underneath. So I decided to rectify that. Especially after watching this engaging clip from one of my favourite former dramas, West Wing. The Peter's Projection map was an eye opener for me too when I was first introduced to it whilst... Continue Reading →

Call of Fall

  Listening to the geese overhead going back and forth from the field to the lake. It is the call of Fall. The sound is sometimes deafening, drowning out all other sound. Interesting how sound can change the feeling of something. Today is like any other day, even hot like the middle of July, but... Continue Reading →

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