Thrift Shopping – St Mary’s, Ontario

What a pleasant surprise to happen upon some great thrift shopping in the little town of St. Mary's, Ontario. Pass It On, 31 Water Street, is a thrift shop run by Carey Pope. Her flair for the unexpected is evident by the merchandise, her branding, signage and unique displays. Awesome windows and tastefully hand-lettered signage.She could teach... Continue Reading →

DIY Mosaic Table

For years I've been saving broken china. I even ask people at yard sales if they have any they are going to throw out. I sorted it all into colour groups. I picked up a little homemade table at a yard sale for under ten dollars. A two tiered round table or plant stand. First I... Continue Reading →

Thrift Shopping – Brisbane

I found a cool recycling place in Brisbane, Australia called Reverse Garbage. What a great name for a thrift shop. But this thrift shop is more like "Salvation Army meets Habitat for Humanity ReStores". They encourage you to buy by the bag and weight. A friend told me that her architectural firm has bins for Reverse... Continue Reading →

Thrift Shopping – Paint by Number

Paint by number art has been around since the 1920's but the was all the rage as a hobby in the 1950-60s. Talk about colouring inside the lines! And of course the instructions never encouraged you to ever sign your painting. So these paintings remain anonymous. In 1953 alone the paint-by-number craze reached $80 million in sales. I... Continue Reading →

Thrift Shopping – Punkinhead

Thrift shopping is one of my passions, right up there with eating bacon and beachcombing. A Punkinhead Tote is my latest thrift store find. I had one identical to this as a child. I actually didn't really like Punkinhead, found him kinda scary actually. I also had a Punkinhead rocker. Punkinhead, the teddy bear with... Continue Reading →

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