Thrift Shopping – Brisbane

I found a cool recycling place in Brisbane, Australia called Reverse Garbage. What a great name for a thrift shop. But this thrift shop is more like “Salvation Army meets Habitat for Humanity ReStores”.

Woolloongabba Warehouse_web

IMG_9844They encourage you to buy by the bag and weight.IMG_9846

A friend told me that her architectural firm has bins for Reverse Garbage to come and pick up commercial samples such as tiles, carpets, ceramics and countertops.

IMG_9829Some really weird stuff you just don’t see at every second-hand shop.IMG_9827 IMG_9825 IMG_9823 The neat part is that they collect industrial discards thus saving companies lots in disposal fees.IMG_9831 The goods look less like donations and more like salvations.

IMG_9819 They sell everything direct to the public for use in art and craft projects, home and garden improvements and anything else their ingenious customers come up with!IMG_9820 IMG_9821 IMG_9847They run environmental education workshops in schools, festivals, and community groups and at their urban environmental education facility located in their warehouse.IMG_9833Their website lists everything that they sell. My favorite subcategory would be New Stuff.IMG_9832Even old picture framing matboard corner samples!IMG_9830Part of the store is a Reverse Gift shop and Gallery, called Reverse Emporium which stocks high quality art, jewellery, and home decor. All items are up-cycled from salvaged materials, making them perfect eco-gifts.

Sort of an Etsy retail storefront where they sell items on a consignment basis with a 50% mark-up on the artist’s asking price.IMG_9835

  • All items submitted must be made up of 75% salvaged materials (this means materials can be pre loved, recycled, reused, reclaimed and up-cycled)
  • All items must be finished to a high standard and suitable for sale
  • Wholesale prices should not exceed $120 per item

IMG_9834I enjoyed seeing the creativity and success they are having.

Have you been to a store like this?

What did this post stir up in you?

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