DIY Mosaic Table

For years I’ve been saving broken china. I even ask people at yard sales if they have any they are going to throw out.

I sorted it all into colour groups.IMG_3674

I picked up a little homemade table at a yard sale for under ten dollars. A two tiered round table or plant stand.

First I “shabby-chic”ed the dark brown finish with a white-wash of pale yellow. It was the only paint I had around and I’m too cheap to buy a whole can for such a little project.  IMG_3632

Then I lightly sanded the paint off. Martha Stewart would love this.

Next I randomly glued down the broken china with white glue like WeldBond. I used petal ware and jadeite, a milky-green glassware, especially on this piece because it reminds me of my cottage. And of course, Scrabble tiles. Instead of pilfering your own game you can buy some from my Etsy shop hereIMG_3675

I let the glue dry for 24 hours. I coloured the tile grout with a squirt of pale yellow acrylic craft paint.


I was lucky to find the grout at a yard sale too!  Unopened box for 2 bucks.

The groutwork is probably the most time-consuming part of this project.IMG_3706

The hardest part is wiping away the excess grout. Keep rinsing your cloth.IMG_3709IMG_8308

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