Round and Round go the Connections

ring basket
What I love about selling my artwork on line is the connecting that happens. This is a traditional coiled basket but with a shard of beach glass attached. Today I’m sending this teeny ring holder coiled basket to South Korea. A woman there bought it to add to the nature table she is creating for her children. That makes me happy. To be part of someone’s earth altar. She’s American and has Norwegian roots. It reminds her of the tiny baskets her Norwegian grandmother wove from roots when she was a child.

I have been to Norway too! And I have woven baskets from roots. After reading her blog, I see that we have a lot in common, yet we found each other through cyberspace. And thanks to CanadaPost we will forever be connected in this real web of fibre art.

Read Sarah’s blog and see her amazing handwork.

What did this post stir up in you?

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