Tales of A Phoenix: The Letting Go Project

A very small piece of my embroidery is included in this amazing project by Yana Schnitzler.

“Tales of a Phoenix: The Letting Go Project” is a performative work that harnesses the power of ritual to bring women together from across the world in a unified release of old patterns that no longer serve our personal growth. Yana asked for and collected pieces of fabric inscribed with women’s intentions of what we wished to let go of. She then stitched these testimonies together to create a massive skirt – big enough to fill an entire gallery and representing the global feminine voice. The project will culminate in a ritual dance where Yana will wear the skirt then publicly destroy it in a powerful symbol of release and letting go. This is currently scheduled for Fall 2023.

Read more about it here…. https://www.humankinetics.org/news


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