Past Events

Jan 26, 2020 WomanSong, Stratford, ON

Sept 16, 2017 Slow Stitch: Contemplative Textile Art, Manitoba Fibre Festival

Aug 2, 2017 KNOTTY BY NATURE: Beginning Macramé

July 16, 2017, Slow Stitch: Contemplative Textile Art

June 24, 2017 Summer Solstice Sound Journey

Feb 25 & April 8, 2017 Women’s Sonica Vocé Workshop

Dec 21, 2016 Welcome the Dark, Welcome the Light – Sounds for Solstice 

Nov 6, Enchanted Arts Show & Sale, London, ON

Sept 16, 2016 Full Moon Yoga & Sound Journey, Winnipeg Beach, MB

Sept 2016, Rag Basket Workshop, Winnipeg Beach, MB

Jan 9, 2016 Sonica Sanctus for Girls and Moms, Petrolia, ON

Dec 21, 2015 Sounds for Solstice, Petrolia, ON

August 28, 2015 Rag Basket Workshop, Winnipeg Beach, MB

May 31, 2015 Benefit Concert for Nepal Earthquake, Petrolia, ON

Sonica Sanctus, Sarnia (5 years)

May 8, 2015 Sound Journey, Lightquest Retreat, Goderich, ON

May 1, 2015 Performer, First Friday, Sarnia, ON

April 18, 2015 Speaker, Ladies Day Away, Glencoe Presbyterian Church, Glencoe,ON

March 23, 2015 Rag Basket Workshop, Wyoming, ON

April 7, 2015 Etsy for Artisans, Kitchener/Waterloo Society of Artists

March 5, 2015 Yoga of Sound, Wyoming, ON

February 3- March 13, 2014 Sonica Creativa:  6 week Creativity and Spirituality Course for Women, Brights Grove, ON

February 3, 2014 Selling Online: Etsy for Artisans, Sarnia, ON

January 26, 2013,  Sonica Sanctus Day Retreat, Sarnia, ON

Nov 2013 Recreational drumming and sound making. Strangway Community Centre, Sarnia, ON

Nov 1, 2013, Yoga Music, Inner Dawn Yoga, Sarnia, ON

Drum Circle, Petrolia (5 years)

Sept, 2013 Selling Online: Etsy for Artisans, Gimli, MB

January, 2013 Ramping up Your Etsy Presence, Petrolia, ON

Oct 2012 The Queen’s Cloak Women’s Retreat, Forest, ON

January, 2012 Selling Online: Etsy for Artisans, Sarnia, ON

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