Being Met at the Well

Drop the bucket into the well of grief again?
Is the water table lower than the last time?
The bucket has to go deeper to find the water it seems.

Each grief attack seems to require more effort.

now there is more time between trips to the well
perhaps the water filling my bucket contains
more than water now

a sweet liquid
filled with vitamins
and nourishment

a sweet elixir consisting of what

I only know that throwing my bucket down the well
seems to slake
some kind of thirst.

That that liquid fuels
tears that cleanse.

Fresh water morphing
salt tears.

What happens in the body to produce such healing?

I marvel at the mystery of that chemical reaction.

To drink my own tears.

I pray my bucket has a rope long enough to lift that liquid
for it is living water.

Elixir of healing.
No bucket is required.

Grief as the elixir which slakes the intense thirst

for life.

Ev Ward de Roo, Feb 12, 2022

*unable to find photo credit

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