Remember – A Poem

I go to cemeteries a lot
It doesn’t matter where 
It’s not about the who
(or mostly not)

It’s quiet
It’s reverent

Squirrels abound
Dogs exercise

People walk and talk

I mostly come to listen
To the birds
To the breeze
To the voices of ancestors
Their inscriptions, stories
Their bones, a witness
Their songs, a whisper
Their presence a comfort

Places set apart to remember 

So I walk and remember 

And I look forward 

My bones will rest somewhere 
Will someone be glad to hear my whispers 
Witness my story

Evelyn Ward de Roo

Feb 21, 2022

2 thoughts on “Remember – A Poem

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoys thoughtful walks among the tombstones. I think it helps us keep perspective and think about how we aren’t guaranteed time. Tomorrow is always a hope but never a promise.

  2. Ev – what a beautiful perspective on cemeteries. One I admit does not come naturally to me but will try to remember your words the next time I feel hesitant to venture in. Stephanie xo

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