Turning 65

Sometimes I just sit on a park bench to read instead of reading in my living room. I watch squirrels, listen to birds and the breeze in the leaves, listen to people walking and talking, see dogs of all shapes and sizes. It’s solitude within the context of community. The geese have moved up the lake. The heron shifts position. The incredibly tame squirrel keeps coming closer and closer expecting something edible in my bike basket. The sun is going down behind me so the air is getting crispy. I anticipate a milestone. It’s just a day on the calendar yet I wonder how this life transition will add fragrance to the air that others breathe. The aroma of barrelled scotch or the musky/earthy smell of leaves as they transition from the Many to the One. How fortunate I am to have outlived many others.


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  1. Happy Birthday Ev. I am glad you still grace us with your presence. May this year of ‘transition’ bring new openings, new adventures, new life in all its fullness. Jacqui

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